Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Dog found with tongue cut out

Dog found with tongue cut out

(Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment, Facebook)

“RIP BEAUTIFUL BOY! The little dog we rescued yesterday had to sadly be put to sleep,” the post read.

“Someone had cut off his tongue that's why he could not eat and had ended up this way.
“We hope nothing but the same or even worse off life to the subhuman who did this to him. Now you are safe in the arms of your maker and in an eternity of nothing but the love you deserve.”
‘He was skeletal’
The dog was found by Surie Pillay, The Mercury reported, who immediately took the him to a vet in Umhlanga.

On Phoenix’s Facebook post, Pillay wrote that when she asked residents about his owners, everyone said he could be a stray and that he had been wandering around for days.

"When I spotted him, he collapsed on the ground and had no energy to wake up. He was skeletal.”
One of the group’s representatives, Neeri Naidoo, told The Mercury that the dog was malnourished, hungry and thirsty.

Due to his mutilation he could not eat or drink.

A volunteer in the group, Dianne Bester and other animal rights activists launched a campaign to find the person responsible.

To report known animal abuse in your area, please call your nearest SPCA branch.

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